Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weird and Wacky Facts

Darrens team had the time and energy to pose for pics at a restroom stop...unlike us. They went on to win the relay.
About Running Long Distance Relays
1. When you’re an all womens team with a combined total of 25 children amongst you, then a 13 hr relay becomes all about the nearest bathroom. Indeed, one can rename the event: “The Great Restroom Hunt”. We used the toilets at Sinalei Resort BEFORE we started running at 3am. Then for the remainder of the day we employed a variety of bathroom tactics. Relatives homes. Complete strangers homes. Backpacker beach fale bathrooms. And of course, au natural jungle bathrooms. Relay organizers had asked permission of the LDS church to use their chapels restroom facilities. They had graciously acquiesced and so ten different chapels were opened in the wee hours of the morning for runners to use. I can (proudly?) say, that I have used every single LDS church bathroom from Siumu to Apia. Some of them more than once. Indeed, our team video seems to be about six women OBSESSED with the location of the next restroom…’how far is it?’ where is it?’ how much longer till we get there? I just finished running - I need to go bathroom... Im running next - I need to go bathroom first...
2. For a distance relay,you need a vehicle to transport the team. And all their STUFF. Youve heard about women and all the STUFF they cram in their handbags right? Well, thats nothin compared to six women and how much STUFF they can cram in their van. Riddled with nervous anticipation, each of us (of course) overpacked. Over stocked. Over supplied. Over prepared. All that much overdoing it equalled one heck of an overloaded van. We had enough ice for a small army. And then some. We had gallons of gatorade.Buckets of water. Everybody had three changes of clothes. ( at least). And two pairs of running shoes. Spare socks. Towels. Sponges.Toilet paper ( the very finest). Three first aid kits. (we could have provided rescue services to everybody in the race)And the food! Darren said "take high powered quick energy snacks, like a banana. A chocolate bar. A spoonful of honey." HA. Together we six had a BUNCH of bananas. And bags of candy. And forget the spoonful of honey - maybe such meagre stuff is fine for skinny elite runners, but we mountain climbing/baby feeding/desperate housewife types required more adequate replenishment. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ham and cheese. Ritz crackers. Twizzlers. Licorice. ( cant get much more energy than that) Trail mix. Dried fruit assortments. (We should have set up a quick stop grocery shop along the way and scored some extra cash for the after race party.) There was barely enough room in the van for the runners. And their cramped aching legs to stretch out. NEXT time? We're taking a bus. Or maybe a container truck.

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