Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Joys of Homeschool

Five Reasons why Homeschooling aint that Crazy...
1. Because it gives you legitimate rights to sit and finger paint. And stick crepe paper streamers on a paper plate jelly fish. And NOT feel like youre dawdling about. Or wasting your precious time. And roll out a myriad of shapes in pink sugar cookie dough. And make rainbow fish collages with foil. And see what happens when you combine baking soda with vinegar in a corked wine bottle. Kaboom!
2. Because how else will you discover that your 6 yr old can do math problems faster than an 8 yr old? And hes ready to grasp the basics of algebra already? But that sitting still for longer than 8 minutes drives him nuts? and so if you have him skip rope his times tables or hop scotch his subtraction then he's less likely to drive YOU nuts?

3. Because then the english teacher in you can delight in having your advanced reader daughter discover books like...'The Diary of Anne Frank' and the Little Houseon the Prairie series and Little Women and 'The Power Of One' and 'The Outsiders' and some Shakespeare thrown in for good measure.

4. Because when youre learning about the wonders of the universe its okay to talk about how amazing God is and the perfection of His creations. And how earth is situated JUST RIGHT and how could that possibly be an accident? And you can rejoice when your 7 yr old marvels at the miracle of a food chain - "so everything is connected together - thats so awesome - Heavenly Father planned all that?"

5. Because youre children become so much more than those sometimes annoying individuals youre responsible for rearing. They become people. Interesting and interested. Fascinating and fascinated. By learning. By discovering.

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Wow Lani,...
You are my hero. HERO.