Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Short Fiction up on Amazon

An announcement of amazonian proportions...I'm very happy to tell you that I (finally) figured out how to publish stuff on Amazon and there are FIVE of my short stories now listed.

*The Beast that came from the Sea.
*Sina the Snake Killer
*High School is a Jungle
*Don't Tell
*A True Samoan Woman

Humbled to see that a few readers have already taken the time to read and review them, thank you very much for the love! Coming soon: A complete collection of short fiction...20 pieces of sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes painful, sometimes nutty writing - all from me. Entitled: A True Samoan Woman.

I always appreciate hearing from fellow readers and writers - whether it's a blog comment or a writing review...so here's hoping more of you...make some noise!