Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maia's Tsunami Story ( Age 5)

During the earthquake I went and got my jandals which were outside of our fale. A coconut fell on our fale during the earthquake.

When we saw a big wave coming, I ran up the hill. I was running with Auntie Diane first and then Auntie Marama.

I wasn’t scared. I saw the wave. It looked like a koru. It didn’t look big but then it got bigger and bigger.

I sat on the hill and looked at the land when the wave had gone, it looked like a flood. I saw helpers who were finding people.

I climbed back down the hill on my bottom and I dropped one of my jandals, but picked it up again.

The taxi was heavy with all of us in there, then we got out and walked up to the school. It was good the school didn’t get flooded and it had some food. We had dinner at the school and we slept in our clothes.

It was good that Suzanne, Ngatau and Nanny survived.
(Maia and her family were on holiday from Auckland, New Zealand. They were staying at Faofao Beach Fales, Saleapaga)

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muddleglum said...

Thank you. I'm glad to see these stories from hearts of the people involved. I especially am happy to get the news from other than the 'news media', which is often, inevitably, misleading. I'm also glad for that quote about the international help. I'm too weak to do much of that, but I support those who move from disaster to disaster. That quote encourages me. Again, thank you.

Personal note: What is it about dancing? I'm non-hearing, so I don't, but it seems that a high proportion of stories I write has dancers in them. I don't know why!