Thursday, April 22, 2010

After. Thoughts. Jared Schwalger, Father.Son.

“Honestly I have to say that I have lost my faith in our people. I have lost my faith that some Samoans deserve a better chance in life, a better opportunity. After everything that’s happened, I try to make sense of it – why would people do such things? Why would people steal from people who have lost loved ones? They even stole the earrings from my daughter’s dead body. I think it’s because they never had those things, like mag wheels, pots and pans, spoons… We’re suffering because we lost our loved ones, we lost every single thing – homes, kids, parents – everything but for those people, the tsunami was a blessing. Now they have the chance to take all the stuff they never had before..”
Jared Schwalger, Malaela. Father of Teancum and Abish, taken by the 29/09 tsunami. Son of Jerry and Metita Schwalger, taken by 29/09 tsunami.

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