Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Make Cold Process Soap

Step 1: Weigh all your ingredients super carefully. Especially the caustic soda.

2. Mix carefully according to your recipe. Always remember to add caustic TO the water. Never the other way around or else a volcano eruption could blow your face off.
3. Assemble your soapmold BEFORE going any further. We use box molds lined with thick plastic.
4. Plastic mold insert ready for the soap mix.
5. Adding caustic mix to the coconut oil.
6. Mixing up the soap, waiting for 'trace' stage

7. Pouring soap into the mold. Work fast because saponification works quickly.

8. Adding the insert dividers.
9. Soap sits for several hours. Covered for insulation.

10. Soap ready to pop out. Firm but not too hard.
11. Soap bars will now sit for several weeks to 'cure'.

12. Boxes of soap ready to sell.

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I got your totally stern email Aunty and Im on to it; I shall promote promote promote!! :D